Smash your career goals in exciting fly-in-fly-out roles

Make an impact in remote locations without sacrificing career aspirations, and enjoy your time off.

Want a Fly-In-Fly-Out or Drive-In-Drive-Out job that fits your lifestyle? Whether you’re seeking adventure, higher pay, or a better work-life balance, we specialise in connecting skilled FIFO workers with the right opportunities in dynamic fields.

With Volley’s industry expertise and extensive network, there’s a FIFO or DIDO role that matches your skills and goals.

Our Approach

Finding the right fit for star players is all about understanding.

FIFO roles offer a unique blend of adventure, opportunity, and professional growth.

Like a star coming off the bench, FIFO and DIDO allows you to jump into action, make a significant impact on projects, and then retreat to the comfort of home when your swing ends.

Volley understands the dynamic nature of FIFO work and the importance of finding the right fit for both employers and job seekers. That’s why we offer personalised FIFO hiring services designed to match your skills, preferences, and career aspirations.

Volley’s recruitment team have the network and experience to help. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting your career journey, we have the agility to guide you to success in the FIFO game.

Benefits of Partnering with us

  • Access to a wide range of contract opportunities across industries

  • Personalised support and guidance from our team of recruitment experts

  • Opportunities to gain valuable experience and skills in different projects and environments

  • Flexibility to work on short-term assignments or longer-term contracts

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