Local team, local knowledge.

Volley is Aboriginal and LGBTQI+ owned and operated.

Our goal-kicking team lives by the motto “we don’t drop the ball.”

We are a team of sports nuts and enthusiasts, who strive to provide faultless service.

We bring the energy you need to snaffle the best talent. Like a sharp-eyed scout on draft day, we match that talent with the right opportunity. And as reliable as Steve Waugh at the crease, we always answer your call.

We read the game and keep you informed on the state of play.

Here to help you find the right talent, or the right opportunity.

Get in touch via our website, give us a call on (08) 8351 0523, or drop into our office on South Road, in southern Adelaide.

About the team.

Meet your new star players.

Tara McDermott

Recruitment Consultant | Director

Shaun Butterworth

Recruitment Consultant

Casey Fraser

Recruitment Consultant | RTW Coordinator

Courtney Smart

Recruitment Consultant | Office Manager

Michael Silvestri

Recruitment Consultant | Business Development Manager

Natalie Clothier

Financial Administration

Lauren Spence

Recruitment Consultant